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School Hours

Half Day Hours: 06:00/06:30 to 12:30

Full Day Hours: 06:00/06:30 to 17:00 (depending on the branch)

Registration & Law

The school is fully operational according to the rules and regulations of the Department Of Health and Social Development and registered at these institutions. Riekies Private Pre-School is also registered with the Mpumalanga Toddler Association with our Principal as the Chairman.

By enrolling your child at our school, you as a parent can visit the school at any given time to ensure that your child enjoys the best care and service possible. Our school is fully functional in a private capacity and the enrolment of your child is at your own discretion and at own risk. We can ensure you of our committed, responsible and safe care of your child daily. Right of admission is reserved and entrance is at own risk.

Some personnel are working as facilitators under supervision, the rest are qualified ECO teachers and all staff are screened by the Director General Social Development on the child protection register.

Healthy Food & Rest


08:00 – 08:30 Maize Meal Porridge, Maltabella, Oats & Wheatbix with milk & sugar will be served. (Please do not send alternative breakfast cereals, if your toddler prefers other porridges, please serve it at home before coming to school)

Break 09:30: We drink WATER!

Snack 10:00: Juice & Yoghurt

Lunch 11:00-12:00: Mommy’s Lunchbox – No Sweeties Please

Healthy food is important. Alternatively, lunch can be ordered from our Chef at an additional cost.

Snack 15:00: Juice & Sandwiches (With fruit from time to time)

We only serve filtered water (NO tap water). Water is freely available so that the toddlers can drink as they please. Daily water intake is very important for healthy bodies and minds.

We love to spoil our toddlers from time to time with watermelon, oranges, sweeties, chips, ice lollies, biscuits and/or ice cream.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you write any allergies on the enrolment form and to also inform the teacher.

Rest is important for ultimate growth & concentration – please supply a cot mattress, fitted mattress sheet and a fleece blanket for full-day children.

Outings & Other Activities

We love to take toddlers on outings, but we are very cautious in doing so to ensure that they are safe at all times.
This will be communicated with parents in advance and prior permission from parents will be requested

Mpumalanga Toddler Association:

The school participates in conjunction with the MTA in a variety of events e.g Athletics, Talent Show, Choir etc.

Our school also has our own exciting events yearly e.g. Concerts, Mother & Toddler Day, Grandparents Day, Christmas Functions, Diploma Awards, Farewell Functions, Tea With Mom! Fundraising Fun Walk etc/ Your kind participation in these events is much appreciated.

Your child’s birthday is very special to us and you are more than welcome to send a cake for the toddlers to school! No choke-able sweets please! We will gladly celebrate their birthday with them! Please ensure you arrange the date with the teacher in advance


Ria Taljaard
– Principal/Director
All Branches
Lourine Coetzer
– Deputy Principal
Rosmead St Branch
Tanya Swanepoel
– Deputy Principal
Bedford St Branch
Marion Havenga
– Deputy Principal
Gerda St Branch